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We are going through the birth pangs of a new post-imperialist world, (and what the Western governments and lefties aren't and won't tell you)

By Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

While many contradictions and opposing trends are present, in general what the trauma, conflicts and crises that we are witnessing in the world are instances of an imperialism struggling and resisting the end of its global rule.

A few examples -

1. Mass migration into the 'West' / the political economy of the changing population in the West.

2. Changing political economy of the imperialist countries, being taken over by the global south.

To expand:

1. Mass migration into the 'West' / the political economy of the changing population in the West.

Migration has been a constant of the human story. Quoting a Qu'ranic verse: "O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you." ie., we are here / have been put here to interact and to know one another, to mingle and unite, and that God/Allah only discriminates according to those who are righteous or not. The lands of what today is the West has always seen change, this island on which I am currently inhabiting is famously known as a 'mongrel people', and that's a good thing, the 'whites' on this island have been established by different peoples of the surrounding regions. People outside of these regions have also played a central part of this island for thousands of years, and in recent centuries due to the global reach of colonialism and imperialism further populations have been brought here and have and continue to change the nature of this island. This has, in general, a positive impact from the point of view of the world's masses and the masses of this island. Indeed, the very concept of the West and 'Europe' is a concept which has seen its definition along with the genesis of modern colonialism and imperialism, basically defined against the radicalised other of the Asian and African, both of whom were Muslim/Islamic, and then defined against more Africans and people of the so-called 'New World' and also then Asians.

USA, and less so Canada and Australia and New Zealand are examples of the european colonial settler societies (also an integral art of the 'west') conquered by western european peoples, especially english, and then in the late 19century going into the 20th century being european peoples joined this genocidal colonial entity known as the USA. The USA is a colonial genocidal state accomplished through european (settler colonial genocide) immigration. In contrast since the Second World War european governments invited Asian and African people to service their economies while at the same time attempting to keep the new more radical Black and Asian populations from 'getting to know each other' and uniting against the ruling classes. Black and Asian communities 'here' simply followed the source from where the looting and genocides were organised from: europe and the west. Unity has not really happened, as the state sponsored racism has been internalised mostly by white people and also in lesser part but significantly also by non-white Black and Brown people.

Today this process continues. More African and Asian people are coming here because their Homelands are destroyed and they follow the criminal imperialist enterprise to its source. Of course there are lots of problems in all of this, one can point to all kinds of problematics, but the aforementioned remains in general the way things are. That's not to excuse the problems that arise, but at the same time its important not to fall into the imperialism and racist / far-right theoretic and narrative that African and Asian people here 'bring problems', in general they don't, its the propaganda and the manner in which the ruling classes handle it and the way in which white workers and increasingly Black and Asian people who have been here for years internalise this hostility towards those who have no created any of the actual problems of unemployment, job losses, lack of resources for the peoples, ie., the ruling classes are to blame, not the masses of victims, victimised BY the imperialist ruling classes.

Black and Asian people in europe radicalised the working class and anti-capitalist movements. And on a cultural level of tastes, flavours, sounds, dresses and ways of thinking and moving and being, transformed europe. Indeed, the europeans have seen their own traditions and cultures ripped from them in a violent manner by capitalist-colonial industrialisation and the destruction of the peasantries. Most of them hardly know this and are not concerned by it so thorough has this class and cultural genocide been against them. The western people have no connection apart from residues from who they were for generations and centuries before the rise of colonial/imperialist capitalism. Instead they have adopted a new culture wholly based in nearly every way on colonial exploitation and genocide. Gardening, cooking, festivals, music of the peoples of the West is recycled from colonial exploitation and mass murder across the world.

London is being transformed into a city of the peoples of the global south. While imperialism is having some successes in corrupting these peoples like they have done most of the whites into supporting imperialism against the global south liberation struggle. Prominent examples of this corruption and co-option are figures such as Obama, Bobby Jindal, Sadiq Khan, Warsi, Preeti Patel, Umuna, Lammy and many others. As the global south develops its capacity its likely although not a foregone conclusion that the Black and Asian people will increasingly be more loyal to their Homeland countries than the countries they inhabit today.

2. Changing political economy of the imperialist countries, being taken over by the global south.

Despite the rise of the BRICS, despite the victories of the global south for centuries and especially since 1917 (Russia/USSR and rising anti-colonial struggles, especially in China and India), 1945/1947/1949 (victory over fascist-imperialism independence of India and China), 1975 (Vietnam, Mozambique), 2000 (rise of Chavez, Intifada, victory in Lebanon), 2006 (victory in Lebanon) and other moments of world shaking victories of the global south, the world is still dominated by imperialism and imperialist economy. This is changing, fundamentally. As imperialism goes deeper into crises, it loses opportunities to make the 'maximum profit', so it develops its parasitism and barbarity through parasitic economic methods (bubble economies, casino economy, financial speculation, lending money on a massive scale that doesn't exist etc) and through war and depravity and attempts at war and depravity: actual examples: Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq etc, attempted examples: Zimbabwe, Socialist Korea, Cuba, Algeria, China, Russia and others.

As imperialist capitalism runs out of maximum-protifable avenues, at the same time the global south rises based on the counter opposite political economy of defending the independence of peoples and governments, supporting the upliftment of its people especially in the case of China (which is about to eradicate poverty totally in the coming few decades!) but many others as well.

The imperialist ruling classes are merciless in pursuit of ever growing wealth. At the same time as doing all manner of historic and global crimes they also want to stay rich and in control, so they are literally rolling out the red carpet for those that have the money to invest in their economies. This is the reason why the UK is so close to the generally pro-imperialist Gulf Monarchies, which it created in the first place. However, this is also the reason why the UK is forced by conditions to invite the leadership of India and China to make strategic investments in the 'commanding heights' of this economy such as heavy industries and nuclear power plants.

Ideally, imperialism would like and has worked and continues working hard to contain and destroy India, China and others, but India and China are not push-overs and have thus far managed to defend themselves, hence imperialism is forced to accept them in the short and perhaps mid term and engage constructively while also developing their imperialist war and ruin machinations at the same time.

We are a while away from total victory, but it is on its way. Will imperialism destroy the whole world and itself because its no longer in control, or will it adjust kicking and screaming and try to maintain some position of its wealthy lifestyle in this transition period we are in? It seems its the latter.

Basically no western lefty is advocating strategically what is actually taking place: that this western capitalist system which is also at the same time a colonial and imperialist one is on its way out; that the victims of its crimes coming to the west is a just thing that should be supported; that the entire west is based on an imperialist economy that MUST and IS being whittled away; that western people must make their economies based on their own efforts and fair & mutually beneficial trade on equal terms with the non-western world; that somewhere like the UK needs to reorganise its economy, ACCEPT that for the sake of the planet and its peoples, especially global south peoples, CANNOT allow its elites AND masses to keep living like giant parasites on the rest of us and that we need to develop a socialist and self-sufficient economy based on our own labour and land and equal trade with others which means a totally changed economic system to anti-imperialist socialism. NO ONE is advocating this apart from a tiny tiny number of global south loyalists in the west.

The Arab Sting, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the 'pivot to Asia' anti-Asian anti-Chinese openly avowed military strategy of the USA, the growing fascism and mass racism in the west and much more aside are merely the historical incidences of the birth pangs of a new post/counter/anti-imperialist world order.

We are not quite there yet, but many victories of our peoples in Syria, in the Iraqi Resistance post 2003, in the world shaking achievements in China, in the changes taking place in 'latin' America and the shift away from imperialism to China and others in Africa: these are all signs that although we have some way to go yet, we are quite a way down the shining path of total victory over imperialism, and total liberation of our peoples.

Friday, 22 January 2016


How 21st Century Fascism is Developing Right Now 

It seems that living in the middle of fascism results in most not really appreciating how fascistic are the times we are living in, it is the mundaneness the banality of fascism, the normalisation of growing fascism. So here's a few summaries as to where we are descending:

- Five years ago the things that the european far-right were saying is now being said and implemented even more directly by the 'centre' and the 'centre left' governments, and is being echoed by the left and even far left.

- Leading European politicians, with the French PM today join in, are openly saying that new immigrants and refugees are some kind of existentialist threat to Europe, that Europe is being destabilised by our peoples coming here. (for more on this and the issues around migration, labour, european economies and imperialism, please see this post by the Malcolm X Movement )

- France is in a perpetual and official state of emergency.

- Europe is seeing white supremacist POGROMS and attempts at pogroms against Black and Asian people from East to West, South to North Europe.

- There are increasing concentration camps for refugees and new immigrants.

- There is next to no strategic counter opposition by Black and Asian people, there is no actual anti-racist movement, it is actually only the European states and their media which is (mis)managing this whole situation, and frankly, it is the european imperialist ruling classes who are creating this fascism but also containing it from going totally out of control in terms of emergence of open imperialist white militias who are hunting Black and Asian people: but we are on the cups of that, like I said, the only thing literally stopping that is the european states.

- The european left in general is either totally in bed with the right/far-right (see the open bigotry on display in the campaign of the left against the EU), or it is in bed with liberal imperialism and as such as helping to create the very imperialist wars ('arab spring' etc) that is creating trauma and mass movement of our people to where the money is being looted to and to the source of the destabilisation and war - the West.

This is all in addition to the fact that we have seen on the edge of South and South East europe the western states and their left, centre and right-wing allies champion the literal mass lynching of Black people in Libya and the lynching of Kurds, Shia, Alawi, and many others in Syria as 'peoples uprisings' etc. We are deep in fascism, and hardly anyone is bothering about it.

The imperialist crisis is deepening with no end in sight to its deepening. Things are and will get worse. People and activists and the left are too conceited and egotistical to really wake up to this. The hope lies in a new generation of Black and Asian and white allies to build the fight against this 21st Century Fascism. But we are right at the start of that process, ie., we aren't really even building that ideological and organisational capacity.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Thursday, 31 December 2015


Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Reflections on 2015 going into 2016 * Stay LOYAL to the inter-generational struggle against imperialism and for independence and socialism! * Towards 2016 as the year to combat 21st century fascism in all its forms! Not only this last year, but the last near five years has been a horror story with a two name title to it: Arab Sting. A veritable profound and deep counter revolution informed by imperialist conciseness of foolishness in playing with power in a context of only the pro-imperialist political forces from the liberals to the right/far-right having the strategic control while revolutionary forces having small to insignificant capacity; self hate of our own people towards their own societies and achievements and a willingness to throw it all in the air for the imperialists to catch all and thus to play with it as they wish. We have seen Homeland after Homeland collapse into division and nightmares that we could have only dreamt in our worst nightmares: mass lynchings (Libya and Syria), sexual enslavement (Syria and Iraq), destruction of the poorest Arab country (Yemen), destruction of the 'Cuba of the region' (neo-con, daniel pipes) of Libya and the near destruction of Syria and the rise again of a Turkish government open war by means of tanks and helicopter gunships against Kurdish people. The Arab Sting is an on-going operation against the independence of our countries and sabotaging any global alliance between our countries and China and Russia. However, there has been some complications to the Sting: starting from Egypt's rejection of the nato proxies of the Muslim Brotherhood through to the Syrian govt invitation to smash the death squads, we are seeing the tide turning, but it's a precarious push back and much remains to be done although daily we have strategic good news from Syria. On the other hand, and the real good news is not only Russia's smart counter resistance to Nato in the arenas of Ukraine (Crimea and East Ukraine) but also in the media war (Russia Today), we have China's increasing global leadership as the veritable global anti-imperialist bank, the initiation of the Asia Infrastructure Bank and the New Silk Route projects. These are truly historic earth shaking initiatives, especially the Silk Route project that is going to transform Asia. Despite these advances, we see the continuing lack of global revolutionary leadership, which combatively we had in the form of the mid 2000s alliance between Gaddafi, Chavez, Castro, Ahmadinejad, Mugabe, Assad, Lukashenko and others. We have lost that relatively cohesive global leadership, and in the absence of Chavez and Gaddafi, we have lost our bounce and swagger that we once had. Connected to this is the continuing rise of imperialist fascist politics that is directly connected to the growing global crises of imperialism on all fronts, a developing fascism permeating the entire western political spectrum. For the liberals and the left the Arab Sting is a 'revolution': lynching, rape, sexual enslavement, looting, total collapse of societies for them is something of the fragranced perfumes of a spring, for us it is a fate worse than death. Across the world and in western countries the western/westernised left and liberals pimping and the industrial rape industry is positively 'sex work'; the struggle against sexism and male domination has turned and descended into defending men who become women (trans), and anti-racism is now colonial divide and rule spun as 'safe space' and 'privilege calling'. One could not get a more cliched example of the growing decadent and parasitic indulgence of a imploding empire, whereby the spoilt children of a dying empire are posturing their parasitism as liberation, defending desperately their imperialist given standard of living and culture and anti-ethics. For the western political centre and right and far right, they are basking increasingly in white supremacist racism and resurrecting the old nazism and fascism of the past whereby their beloved (increasingly non-white) white europe is being infiltrated by the 'global conspiracy of jews, globalists, jewish bankers, hook-nosed islamists' of the refugee crisis, whereby pogroms and mass mob attacks against Black and Brown people is becoming the new 'european native resistance' against the general crisis of their imperialist system. The entire political spectrum in the west except for a tiny few partial examples, is manifesting what I call '21 century fascism', whose central character is the promotion of the imperialist and racist destruction of our peoples, governments, leadership and Homelands as something to celebrate, and the division of oppressed peoples from the left and liberals as what I call eurocentric identity politics and from the right as the old style racism and xenophobia. Only a new global leadership that directly addresses these issues at the head of an anti-imperialist upsurge can start to clean these aegean stables of filth. Such recent examples have basically only been Hugo Chavez: he had the political understanding, the strength of character and charisma and the leadership of a national, regional and global struggle to implement some kind of leadership. He has gone, we await the next and hopefully greater and better and more effective global leadership. We need our masses of poor in our Homelands to develop the organisation and political understanding to develop the united front against imperialism and for independence and socialism, that only has come in history with the advent of a new global revolutionary forces be it post 1917, or post 1945 (China, India, Vietnam, Korea, Algeria, Egypt), but this will not happen without leadership and organisation. Looking forward to 2016, it is time that anti-imperialist forces went into a more confrontational ideological battle with the 21st century fascist forces and their backward views. Anti-imperialists loyal to our historical and current actual global struggle will have to do it, as no one else will do it, and no one else will support us in doing so, although we can use the slowly increasing Global South media platforms to conduct this struggle. It is time to expose and thoroughly critique to defeat their nonsensical political positions. They are nothing but counter-revolutionary paper tigers who rely on fascist bullying, often on (anti)social media, whereby people who are increasingly alienated from the system seek out counter alternatives only to find left imperialism or right imperialism, which then feeds the very same imperialist strategies that it needs for its own self-preservation. We need to gather our forces. Many engage on a daily basis on the internet, but the very nature of anti-social media means feeds individualism constantly on top of the individualistic nature of much of our actual lives (grind for food and rent). The internet like the system in general incapsulates one of the central unresolvable contradictions of the system (resolvable only by negating the contradiction: ie., revolutionary overthrow of imperialism), ie., the system produces greater and greater socialisation but is based around private profit and the individualism that seeks to justify itself. We are going through a slightly contradictory historical moment: the global class war, the struggle against imperialism is proceeding apace with the leadership of the BRICS and others, however, on the political front we are still weak and still in a period of defeat since 1991, although we saw a short peak in the period in the mid 2000s with the the aforementioned rise of the assertive global south alliance of leaderships. We have the global south world-wide juggernaut going forward, but we don;t quite have the political leadership able to inspire and mobilise the necessary forces to counter and defeat the rise of the new fascism. However difficult the challenge, however outside of 21st century fascist trendiness, populism, distractions and parasitic decadence: we need to be combative, have confidence and determination in ourselves, gather strength from their sacrifices and fearlessness and intelligence from the glorious histories, legacies, ideologies and world-shaking victories of our peoples liberation struggles across the world. Stay LOYAL to the inter-generational struggle against imperialism and for independence and socialism! Towards 2016 as the year to combat 21st century fascism in all its forms! - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Sunday, 20 December 2015


The dogs bark while the Syrian-Russian resistance caravan in Syria carries on

A comment on supposed anti-imperialists attacking on Putin/Russia Re: #Syria, attacking China etc:

On the one hand its not even worth addressing this issue, because the people sniping against Russia know nothing of the real complex struggle against imperialism that our countries and leaderships have been waging for centuries. If it were left to these internet warriors, we would all be in the depths of occupation and enslavement of imperialism having done nothing to advance our peoples and our defensive wars of liberation. However, in case others are confused by this, its worth us conducting a concerted ideological struggle to politically smash, isolate and defeat such silliness in our circles.

One important point that is often missed and not appreciated is that imperialism has a vested strategic interest in playing up the military and economic capacity of China, Russia and our other global allies. They do this so as to put into the mind of the people that a big scary new global power is going to get them, so we better do all we can do push back and neutralise this oppressive new powers that are disturbing the lovely imperialist hegemony in the world. A considerable section of the masses internalise this imperialist racism against Russia and China and so join in the imperialist campaign against them and our allies such as Libya, Syria, Korea etc.

While it is true that the BRICS are expanding in their military and economic capacity, and while it is important we understand and play up our strengths and are inspired by that it is at the same time important that we stay as sobre and realistic as possible as to the actual extent of our power and capacity.

On the case of the Syrian-Russian historical unity and especially since the Syrian government invited the Russians to help them clean up the imperialist death squads, some people in the pro Syrian government camp act like Russia is a all powerful behemoth who can slap down anyone and anything like as if they are flies being swatted. While the Russian invitation into Syria has been admitted by even countless imperialists and their ideologues to be a game-changer, the Russians do not have endless military arsenals, supplies, capacity to smash everyone and everything that disturbs the general trajectory of defending Syria and relatedly the people of the region.

While Russia has for many reasons generally good relations with the white colonial settler state known as 'israel', it also cannot conduct a war simultaneously with the imperialist armed gangs in Syria and also a major world military power with the latest military arsenal supplied by the USA that is israel. Indeed, embarking on fighting directly too many conventional major states at the same time is a sure recipe for defeats and reversals of our peoples fortunes in Syria. It's laughable that people are suggesting that the Russians shoot down all the jets of the yanks, french, brits and israelis in the skies of the Levant. It's not going to happen, that would be a really stupid and self-defeating action and those suggesting in any way that the Russians do so are not friends of the Syrians, but frankly their enemies and enemies of the GlobalSouth.

The anti-imeprialist socialist revolutionary leadership of the Bolsheviks, Chinese and many others show historic achievements in accomplishing the tasks of the Revolution, but anyone who knows anything about these Revolutions will know they were only accomplished through masterful strategy and tactics that also included accepting and working through reality and also clever compromises.

Here are two quotes from Lenin from 1920, perhaps the greatest revolutionary strategist and thinker that has ever lived on this issue from the aptly entitled 'Left-wing Communism an Infantile Disorder', a book that should be part for he absolute basic revolutionary education for everyone:

"To carry on a war for the overthrow of the international bourgeoisie, a war which is a hundred times more difficult, protracted and complex than the most stubborn of ordinary wars between states, and to renounce in advance any change of tack, or any utilisation of a conflict of interests (even if temporary) among one’s enemies, or any conciliation or compromise with possible allies (even if they are temporary, unstable, vacillating or conditional allies)—is that not ridiculous in the extreme? Is it not like making a difficult ascent of an unexplored and hitherto inaccessible mountain and refusing in advance ever to move in zigzags, ever to retrace one’s steps, or ever to abandon a course once selected, and to try others? And yet people so immature and inexperienced (if youth were the explanation, it would not be so bad; young people are preordained to talk such nonsense for a certain period) have met with support—whether direct or indirect, open or covert, whole or partial, it does not matter—from some members of the Communist Party of Holland."


"There are different kinds of compromises. One must be able to analyse the situation and the concrete conditions of each compromise, or of each variety of compromise. One must learn to distinguish between a man who has given up his money and fire-arms to bandits so as to lessen the evil they can do and to facilitate their capture and execution, and a man who gives his money and fire-arms to bandits so as to share in the loot. In politics this is by no means always as elementary as it is in this childishly simple example. However, anyone who is out to think up for the workers some kind of recipe that will provide them with cut-and-dried solutions for all contingencies, or promises that the policy of the revolutionary proletariat will never come up against difficult or complex situations, is simply a charlatan." (source: )

As Lenin makes clear, we should not spin sell outs and capitulations as clever tactical compromises, and it is only through a cold and sobre analysis of the facts and having a correct and seasoned anti-imperialist leadership can we make the right decisions, and even then mistakes can be made but should be rectified immediately.

Perhaps an example of a mistake from our side was Libya and UN resolution 1973: as I have said many times our leadership including but not exclusively the Russians and Chinese slipped badly on that one, but the mistake however grave has been admitted and they have rectified and learnt from that mistake. Actually, Putin had an open spat with Medvedev on that, and Medvedev;s demotion was a direct part of the correction of that mistake by the Russians. And the whole Syrian scenario since spring 2011 on Libya and the actions of the Russians and Chinese has been a learning process from the mistake over Libya.

The Syrians with their partners and especially the Russians have done so much to turn the situation around in a matter of months. We were on the verge of being backed up into Lattakia region, the death squads were rampaging, and then the Syrians invited the Russians and within literally days and weeks the strategic trajectory was reversed, we were winning major battles, the imperialists freaked out and have come running to the Russians to work out a situation whereby the the enemy will try and cut its losses as much as possible. But the Syrian-Russian partnership every single day makes further advances and further strengthens the hand of the Syrian government and the regional resistance's position vis-a-vis the new framework established at the UNSC which calls for the eradication of the death squads especially Nusra and Daesh but others will be included in that list, calls for a country-wide ceasefire in several months, mention nothing about regime-change, and wants a new national unity government. That's all a major turn around from just a few months ago. The new national government will be basically the current Syrian government with a few token new non-armed opposition figures.

But there are people in our midst who are constantly sniping at the Russians. Make no mistake, sniping at the Russians is but sniping at the Syrian government and people who have not only fought this global imperialist divide and ruin project for nearly five years, but also just as importantly sniping at the Russians is also an attack on the intelligence of the Syrian people as it assumes that the Syrians are stupid and these geniuses of the global anti-imperialist struggle no better than the entire Syrian leadership and peoples.

In conclusion, our global leadership are pushing ahead with developing their capacity. We are doing well, but we are not about to change everything in the world with the click of a few fingers. We are not even at the economic capacity whereby the Chinese can bail out a tiny european country like Greece, not that that was on offer from the Chinese! Our economic situation globally while looking good from the Chinese angle, is suffering due to the collapse of oil prices and the imperialist directing of Saudi and others in this open oil conspiracy. However, we are getting there. It's going to be another two decades or so before we APPROACH EQUALISING our global side with the imperialists military, and before we reach that we have a lot of hard slog and major imperialists wars and intrigue to fight off.

Now is the time to stay loyal, to read and study soberly and seriously and popularise that. Now is the time to respect our leadership who are achieving amazing things. As I have said before, as individuals we are nobody, as a collective force with our leadership: we exist and we go forward. As people sitting at our desks and laptop and 'smart' phones, we are useless idiots only and until we support our side, our peoples, our leaderships in this resistance and liberation movement against global imperialist war.

The dogs bark while the Syrian-Russian resistance caravan in Syria carries on.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm 


[pictured: Samir Qantar in prison with Fatah leader Mustafa Barghouti and PFLP leader Ahmed Saadat. Qantar receiving a Syrian medal from President Assad in 2008]

I had the honour of meeting in person Samir Qantar in a beautiful mountain village outside of Beirut when I was there in 2007. Comrade shaheed Qantar was relaxing there receiving guests in the cool mountainous air giving relief from the hot summer sun and weather further in the lowlands. No doubt the cool and sweet mountain air was cooling Qantar from his three decades in the enemy prisons. The figs were ripe hanging by the vines across the mountain gardens.

It is with sadness but pride and honour that I heard of his and up to twelve of our comrades martyrdom this morning.

Comrade Qantar was released by the White colonial settler enemy in a prisoner exchange with Hizbullah. The enemy has violated that agreement and conducted a cowardly method of martyring our comrade via fighter jets, however this is also a great honour as it shows the desperation and frustration of the enemy towards Qantar. Why the frustration? Because Qantar re-entered the Resistance wiring with Hizbullah and the Syrian government carrying out effective Resistance against the enemy and in defence of the popular Resistance alliance of Iran-Syria-Hizbullah and allied forces.

Shame on all those who sold out the Resistance for an imperialist and zionist project against Syria and the region!

Glory to those who stay loyal to our leadership and intergenerational struggle for liberation from imperialism!

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Saturday, 19 December 2015


Malcolm X Movement

The UK government are closing the last deep coal mine which is in Kellingley, Yorkshire, this is a forced end to the traditions and legacies of the most radical section of working class and socialist struggle in this country. The Miners struggle produced some amazing radical socialists who stood with the global struggle against imperialism like Arthur Horner, Robert Page Arnot, Mick Mcgahey and Arthur Scargill.

It is the imperialists and capitalists running the UK state and government have done this to the miners for generations, including the Labor government in 1911 that put the army and its guns at pit heads against the militant miners. It was the UK government and the sell outs in the Labour Party that sold out the miners strike in the heroic Miners Strike in 1984-85.

The defeat of the mining communities saw alcoholism, unemployment and drug addiction impact and devastate the once proud and united mining villages and towns.

It has been the ruling classes of the UK state that has continued to oppress and immiserate the white working class, however too many white workers instead attack any group with no power such as Black, Asian and immigrant people instead of those who are responsible for putting them into misery and who put the people of the non west into war and collapse.

The Malcolm X Movement believes in maximum unity against imperialism and racism, at the same time we are not going to advocate that Black and Asian workers wait for the White working class to get over their colonial and racist prejudices, we must continue to defend our peoples here and especially those attacked in such massive and traumatic ways by the UK state in our Homelands. Along the path of this struggle we seek to ally with all forces who believe in unity and mutual respect in the anti imperialist struggle.


How Slaves Built American Capitalism


Today marks the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in America and contrary to popular belief, slavery is not a product of Western capitalism; Western capitalism is a product of slavery.

The expansion of slavery in the first eight decades after American Independence drove the evolution and modernization of the United States.

Historian Edward Baptist illustrates how in the span of a single lifetime, the South grew from a narrow coastal strip of worn-out tobacco plantations to a continental cotton empire, and the United States grew into a modern, industrial, and capitalist economy.

Through torture and punishment slave owners extracted greater efficiencies from slaves which allowed the United States to seize control of the world market for cotton, the key raw material of the Industrial Revolution, and become a prosperous and powerful nation.

Cotton was to the early 19th century, what oil was to the 20th century: the commodity that determined the wealth of nations. Cotton accounted for a staggering 50 percent of US exports and ignited the economic boom that America experienced. America owes its very existence as a first world nation to slavery.

In the abstract, capitalism and slavery are fundamentally counterposed systems. One is based on free labor, and the other, on forced labor. However, in practice, Capitalism itself would have been impossible without slavery.

In the United States, scholars have demonstrated that profit wasn’t made just from Southerners selling the cotton that slaves picked or the cane they cut. Slavery was central to the establishment of the industries that today dominate the U.S. economy: real estate, insurance and finance.

Wall Street was founded on slavery. African slaves built the physical wall that gives Wall Street its name, forming the northern boundary of the Dutch colony designed to ward off resisting natives who wanted their land back. To formalize the colossal trade in human beings, in 1711, New York officials established a slave market on Wall Street.

Many prominent American banks including JP Morgan and Wachovia Corp made fortunes from slavery and accepted slaves as “collateral”. JP Morgan recently admitted that it “accepted approximately 13,000 enslaved individuals as collateral on loans and took possession of approximately 1,250 enslaved individuals”.

The story that American schoolbooks tell of slavery is regional, rather than national, it portrays slavery as a brutal aberration to the American rule of democracy and freedom. Slavery is recounted as an unfortunate detour from the nation’s march to modernity, and certainly not the engine that drove American economic prosperity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In order to fully appreciate the importance of slavery to American capitalism, one need only look at the torrid history of an antebellum Alabama dry-goods outfit called Lehman Brothers. Warren Buffet is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and the richest billionaire in America. Berkshire Hathaway’s antecedent firm was a Rhode Island textile manufacturer and slavery profiteer.

In the north, New England was the home of America’s cotton textile industry and the hotbed of American abolitionism, which grew rich on the backs of the enslaved people forced to pick cotton in the south. The architects of New England’s industrial revolution constantly monitored the price of cotton, for their textile mills would have been silent without the labor of slaves on distant plantations.

The book Complicity: How the North Promoted, Prolonged, and Profited from Slavery by Anne Farrow illustrates how the Northern bourgeoisie were connected to the slave system by a million threads: they bought molasses, which was made with slave labor, and sold rum as part of the Triangle Trade; they lent money to Southern planters; and most of the cotton that was sold to Britain was shipped through New England ports.

Despite being turned into a civil rights hero, Abraham Lincoln did not think blacks were the equals of whites. Lincoln’s plan was to send the blacks in America back to Africa, and if he had not been assassinated, returning blacks to Africa would likely have been his post-war policy. Lincoln even admitted that the emancipation proclamation, in his own words, was merely “a practical war measure” to convince Britain, that the North was driven by “something more than ambition.”

For Blacks, the end of slavery, one hundred and fifty years ago, was just the beginning of the as yet unachieved quest for democratic and economic racial equality.

In the era before WWII, the American elite consensus viewed capitalist civilization as a racial and colonial project. To this day, capitalism in America can only be described as “Racial Capitalism”: the legacy of slavery marked by the simultaneous, and intertwined emergence of white supremacy and capitalism in modern America.

Black people in America live in a Racial Capitalist system. Racial Capitalism exercises its authority over the Black minority through an oppressive array of modern day lynchings by the police, increasing for-profit mass incarceration and institutionally driven racial economic inequality. Racial Capitalism is unquestionably a modern day crime against humanity.

Seeing an African American at the pinnacle of power in the land of slavery would be exciting if only black equality indicators were not tumbling. In fact, during Obama’s tenure the black-white median household wealth gap is down to seven black cents on the white dollar. The spread between black unemployment and white unemployment has also widened by four points since President Obama took office.

The nation’s police historically enforced Racial Capitalism. The first modern police forces in America were Slave Patrols and Night Watches, which were both designed to control the behaviors of African Americans.

Historical literature is clear that prior to the Civil War a legally sanctioned police force existed for the sole purpose of oppressing the slave population and protecting the property and interests of white slave owners. The glaring similarities between the eighteenth century Slave Patrols and modern American police brutality in the Black community are too salient to dismiss or ignore.

Ever since the first police forces were established in America, lynchings have been the linchpin of racial capitalist law and order. Days after the abolition of slavery, the worst terrorist organization in American history was formed with the US government’s blessing: The Klu Klux Klan.

The majority of Americans believe that lynchings are an outdated form of racial terrorism, which blighted American society up until the end of the era of Jim Crow laws; however, America’s proclivity towards the unbridled slaughter of African Americans has only worsened over time. The Guardian newspaper recently noted that historians believe that during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century on average two African-Americans were lynched every week.

Compare this with incomplete data compiled by the FBI that shows that a Black person is killed by a white police officer more than twice a week, and it’s clear that police brutality in Black communities is getting worse, not better.

Lynching does not necessarily mean hanging. It often included humiliation, torture, burning, dismemberment and castration. A lynching was a quintessential American public ritual that often took place in front of large crowds that sometimes numbered in the thousands and children played during the festivities.

Shortly after the abolition of slavery in 1899 the Springfield Weekly newspaper described a lynching by the KKK chronicling how, “the Negro was deprived of his ears, fingers and genital parts of his body. He pleaded pitifully for his life while the mutilation was going on…before the body was cool, it was cut to pieces, the bones crushed into small bits…the Negro’s heart was cut into several pieces, as was also his liver…small pieces of bones went for 25 cents…”.

Central to the perpetuation of Racial Capitalism is racial terrorism, which is why to this day, the US government refuses to designate the KKK as a domestic terrorist organization.

Racially terrorizing Black communities goes hand in hand with the systematic containment and imprisonment of Blacks. Thanks in large part to the racially motivated War on Drugs, the United States right now incarcerates more African-Americans as a percentage than South Africa did at the height of Apartheid.

Private prisons were designed by the rich and for the rich. The for-profit prison system depends on imprisoning Blacks for its survival. Much in the same way the United States was designed. After all, more Black men are in prison or jail, on probation or parole than were enslaved in 1850 before the Civil War began.

America’s “take-off” in the 19th century wasn’t in spite of slavery; it was largely thanks to it. Capitalism was created by slavery and slavery in turn created the enduring legacy of Racial Capitalism that persists in America today.

There has historically been a sharp contrast between America’s lofty ideals, on the one hand, and the seemingly permanent second-class status of African Americas, on the other. The late 19th century irony of a statue named Liberty overseeing the arrival in New York’s harbor of millions of foreigners, even as black Southern peasants, not alien, just profoundly alienated, were kept enslaved at the social margins. The hypocrisy of a racist ideology that openly questioned the Negro’s human worth surviving America’s defeat of the Nazis. To this day, far from being a “post-racial” nation, American racial equality indicators and race relations are at a new low.

The race problem is America’s great national dilemma that continues to pose the greatest threat to America’s democratic experiment. Simmering discontent in Black communities will continue to rise towards a dangerous boiling point unless and until slavery’s greatest legacy of ongoing Racial Capitalism is exposed and completely dismantled.

Garikai Chengu is a scholar at Harvard University. Contact him on